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Becoming an Authorized Retailer

Woodcut illustration of filling out a form to become a SNAP retailer

Do I have to reauthorize my market’s SNAP license?

Yes. Generally, your market must be reauthorized once every five years. Additionally, FNS may require your market to seek reauthorization if your market’s ownership or Responsible Official changes.

If your market has changed locations, owners/Responsible Officials, closed, or has not been reauthorized within the last five years, please call the SNAP Retailer Service Center at 1-877-823-4369.

What does reauthorization entail?

  • You should receive a letter from FNS telling you that you are due for reauthorization and assigning you a unique identification number to use in your reauthorization application.
  • After receiving the letter, go to the FNS website to fill out a reauthorization application, updating any or all of the information on the market’s initial application form. Alternatively, some regions ask that reauthorization paperwork be completed via hard copy, and mailed in to a representative.
  • FNS generally requires a site visit as part of the reauthorization process. (These reauthorization site visits have long been a requirement for SNAP retailers, but were waived for farmers markets until 2018.) Site visits are not normally scheduled in advance. Upon arrival at the market, the site visit contractors identify themselves to the market manager and obtain the manager's consent for the visit. The manager can contact the SNAP Retailer Service Center if there are any questions or concerns about the site visit.
  • Failure to cooperate in the reauthorization process will result in withdrawal of the market’s authorization to participate in the SNAP program.
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